Seattle maker. Beauty chaser. Beauty is fleeting, I capture it's essence, texture and color in torch fired enamel and repurposed jewelry.

I do all of my enameling and assembling right here in my Seattle studio. While I do cut and saw some of my metal prior to enameling I also have a company in New England make vintage reproduction stampings for me that I then prepare for enamel. Once I prep, manipulate, clean and pierce my metal I fuse several coats of colorful vitreous glass enamel powder at temperatures between 1450-1500 degrees F. This process is repeated 2-6 times to achieve maximum depth and color especially on the more dimensional metal components. I then tumble my pieces with stainless steel shot to finish them and check for durability and shine then assembled into jewelry.

My Process

Torch fired glass enamel jewelry with a dash of repurposing. I love color and love to repurpose victorian era buttons beads and sometimes incorporate them with my enamel work. Much of my work has a vintage feel with modern color pallet. My enamelwork tends to be bold and sculptural with lots of detail and dimension which sets it apart from other enamelists.

My Work